Lorie Jo Bridges is set to unleash her gritty, life-inspired Americana EP, River Town, in late 2017/early 2018.  Her debut solo album details some of the hard knocks of living life on the edge of heartache, longing, and betrayal. Hosting songs about facing the daily reality of being human, the EP’s tracks discuss living on the impoverished side of the economic divide in “Home,” the desire to drink your heartache away in “Drink Until I Drown,” and revisits gloomy traditions of folk music in the dark tale of domestic violence and murder found in the title track, “River Town.” This album will be the fifth release featuring Bridges as a singer-songwriter and marks her first studio produced solo album.



With River Town currently in the works, release date yet to be announced, Bridges is rolling out a nation wide acoustic tour in support of the upcoming EP. Known for her live show and unshakable stage presence, Lorie Jo’s unique vocal rasp is complimented by a well-balanced delivery of dynamics that fully features her 3.2 octave range and is backed by her chunky rhythmic acoustic guitar, harmonica and percussion.

Lorie Jo Bridges is an up-and-coming, Nashville based singer-songwriter and aspiring children’s book author. She is the founder of the South 40 Roots Festival (2004-2009) and has been a featured VJ host of The Curve on DittyTV, bringing you the latest in Roots and Americana music videos.

Track Listing

River Town
Drink Until I Drown
Kansas On My Mind
Strike A Match
*Order TBD


Americana + Folk

Sounds Like

Lucinda Williams
Mumford & Sons
Brandi Carlile
Ani DeFranco

Digital Release TBA

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