Recording at Guido’s Studio in Madison, TN with Producer Mark Robinson. Release date Early 2017.

LoJo at Guido's Studio

As my crowdfunding campaign comes to an end, I want to extend a massive #THANKYOU to all of you that donated to my IndieGoGo campaign. I am humbled by your #Generosity and #Honored to know that you are part of my #Tribe. What I came to realize in this process is, it isn’t the asking for help, it is the receiving of it that is so overwhelming, humbling, and #Beautiful. #IAMBLESSED — Lorie Jo 

UPDATE: My meeting with Mark Robinson (producer extraordinaire) went great! We talked some strategies about the making of the upcoming album, on a bit of a smaller budget, and everything looks really good. We are full steam ahead!

This week, I have a meeting with the lovely Sue Havlish (publicity pro) to help me get my ducks in a row to launch the tour! If you have a place you want to see me roll through, a radio station you want me to play, or a house concert you want to host…be sure to let me know and my team will do our best to #Abide.

Still #FEELINGGRATEFUL and #Blessed for all your support.

**Stay tuned for more updates, sneak peaks, and behind the scenes videos.


Born a performer and always drawn to the stage lights, this gal loves traveling, making music, and writing tunes that connect us all through moments that shine, dampen, lift, and break us by tapping into the vulnerability and fragility of the human spirit. With a background in theater, dance, voice, and guitar, Lorie Jo also loves hosting other musicians. She founded South Forty Music Festival in 2004. Although short lived through 2009, the festival brought Roots, Americana, Folk, and Blues together for a weekend of camping underneath the Kansas stars. Calling Nashville home for the last 11 years, she is back in full swing with a new album, Flying Machine, under way. While touring nationally in 2016, Lorie Jo joins the DittyTV team as the  VJ Host of #TheCurve with new episodes airing 10p CST Wed & Sat. Read More….

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Lorie Jo Live Lindberg’s Tavern
Springfield, MO • May 2016

Lorie Jo Live Davey’s Uptown
KC, MO • Jan 2016


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