i am here…

For me, being creative started as a child, my house was full of fun projects and art. Starting at an early age I became an entrepreneur of sorts, charging the neighbors 25¢ to come watch little Joie Bridges sing her own rendition of I’m a Little Teapot (choreography included at no additional charge). I could not resist getting my hands on art projects or performing for the minuscule audience of two, the mirror and a tape recorder.

I started prolifically writing poetry in junior high and high school, paving the way for an opportunity I didn’t even know was opening up to me. Writing anything and everything that came to me, helped me to find my own voice, saving myself from the peril of teenage angst. However, it wasn’t until I became a singer/songwriter that I was able to effectively give a voice to people and social issues that were in need of being heard. With that opportunity came many more to follow. I was able to find different ways to lend a voice; it opened my eyes to the world. Exploring those opportunities I discovered my passion for stage performance, songwriting, singing, graphic design: layout, print + web, volunteering, event planning and so many other wonderful life skills.

I have been blessed enough in this life to pursue my dreams, goals and aspirations. As I continue to grow, these things grow and change with me. I have adapted my site to host exactly what it is I love to do. Currently the site showcases some of my music, design, events and a touch of photography. I have hopes of adding more photos, some poetry and maybe even some short stories or a blog! We shall see where this life adventure takes us and where it finds me in the end.

Thanks for visiting me!